Terms and conditions

Reservations of accommodation at Cardigan Coastal Cottages are accepted subject to the terms of the following Conditions of Hire:


  1. Contract:
    All bookings will form a contract between the Hirer and the Property owners. The accommodation is let for holiday purposes within the meaning paragraph 9 of the First Schedule to the Housing Act 1988, and there is no right of occupancy beyond the stated and agreed period.
  2. Bookings:
    Upon receipt of your enquiry by on-line booking form, email or telephone, the property can be provisionally booked. This booking will be held for a period of seven days only. To confirm the booking, the hirer must pay a deposit of 10% of the total hire cost, within seven days. If no deposit is received within this period, then the provisional booking will be cancelled.
  3. Payment:
    All payments should be made through our on line booking system, by bank transfer, cheque, or through PayPal. There is no additional fee for any payment method except PayPal for which there is a 3.4% fee. Non-payment of the balance of the rental fee on the due date shall be construed as a cancellation of the contract by the hirer. Bookings made within 6 weeks of your holiday date must be paid for in full and in advance of occupation of the property. For a booking made more than 6 weeks before your holiday starts we require a deposit of 10% of the total hire cost, with the balance due a minimum of 6 weeks before the hire period commences. A refund in full will be made if the reservation is cancelled more than 4 weeks prior to occupancy.
  4. Balance:
    Upon payment of the deposit, and subject to acceptance of the booking, the applicant becomes liable for the balance of the rent 6 weeks before for the period of letting.
  5. Late payment:
    Any late booking payment by cheque must be made at least 14 working days before occupancy. Late payment of a balance will incur a 5% handling fee, on top of any other relevant fees. This fee does not apply for late availability bookings.
  6. Damage/Extra cleaning:
    All bookings are accepted on the condition that the property is left in the same state of repair, order and cleanliness, both inside and outside, as at the start of the holiday. A £200 refundable security/cleaning deposit for the Old Farmhouse, Ysgubor Mawr or the hostel (if hired for sole-occupancy), or £100 for Beudy Bach, is required to be paid with the balance or in cash on arrival to the owners. Since damage and cleaning issues are usually revealed during the cleaning and preparation of accommodation for subsequent hirers, this deposit will be returned to the hirer following the cleaning and preparation of the accommodation. Cookers are to be left thoroughly cleaned for the next hirers. At the time of booking, the hirer can opt to have cookers cleaned on the leaving date, at a cost of £60 per cooker, which will be arranged by the owners and charged at the time of booking (to avoid the next guests being unable to access the property at 5pm due to significant extra cleaning time). The person who made the booking will pay for breakage and/or damage and cleaning if so required. All breakages/damage should be reported to the owners on site and recompense made to the owners.
  7. Sleeping Capacity:
    The maximum number of people allowed in the Old Farmhouse is thirteen, plus babies in travel cots. The maximum number of people allowed in Ysgybor Mawr is fifteen, plus babies in travel cots. The maximum number of people allowed in Beudy Bach is three, plus a baby in a travel cot. The maximum number of people allowed in Piggery Poke Hostel is eleven, plus babies in travel cots. Extra persons can not be accommodated.
  8. Availability:
    The Hiring Contract is made on the understanding that the property and its facilities as published on the internet will be available for the dates stated. In the unlikely event that the property is not available through events arising out of the control of the owners, then they may be forced to cancel the booking. The hirer will be advised of any such circumstances as early as possible, and will be refunded all monies paid in full with the Hirer having no further claim against the owners.
  9. Occupation times:
    Tenancies commence after 5 pm (unless otherwise agreed), on the commencement date of the tenancy and terminate at 10.00 am on the leaving date. This is to ensure that the accommodation can be properly prepared for subsequent guests.
  10. Access to property:
    The Property Owners or their agents shall be allowed access to the holiday accommodation at any reasonable time during any holiday occupancy.
  11. Dogs:
    Dogs are welcomed, by arrangement, for a charge of £20. They must be kept under strict control at all times, always on a leash when outdoors at the property, and must not be allowed to foul the property. You will need to bring your own crate, dog basket and/or bedding. Dogs are not allowed in the bedrooms, or on furniture. A wet and/or muddy dog must not enter the accommodation. Dogs must not be left unattended in the hired property at any time, nor allowed to cause disturbance with persistent barking, fouling, etc. Hirers will be liable for any damage caused, or for the costs of additional cleaning required. Dogs must be de-flea'd before arrival.
  12. Linen:
    Bed linen and towels are supplied.
  13. Refuse and waste:
    Refuse is sorted into what can be recycled, what can be composted, food waste and any other waste. Appropriate bags and bins are provided for the purpose of segregating waste. Guidance will be given at the start of the occupancy. The whole site is connected to a private sewage system. Only human waste and toilet tissue is to be allowed to enter the system. Kitchen paper, wet wipes, etc., do not bio-degrade and must not be disposed of through the sewage system. Blockages caused by such items that are allowed to enter the system have to be removed by the owners. This is an unpleasant job and there is a £100 charge for this service. Where such items clog the sewage treatment system, a specialist contractor has to be hired to pump it out. When last necessary, the charge for this service was £140 plus VAT. The hirer will be required to pay this charge where it is evident that they or a member of their party are responsible.
  14. Liability:
    The owners will be responsible for complying with all applicable Statutory Regulations and Discrimination Acts affecting customers, the property, and its equipment.
  15. Smoking:
    Smoking is not allowed inside any of the accommodation. If guests wish to smoke in the garden, then they should not leave cigarette ends littering the property and must dispose of them in the pots provided.
  16. Special Needs:
    If you have special requests or needs, you are responsible for advising us at the time of booking, although we cannot guarantee that any requests will be met. Failure to meet special requests will not be a breach of contract. It is your responsibility to satisfy yourself that the property is completely suitable for your needs. Please note that if a particular requirement is not specified on the website then it is not provided.
  17. Motor Vehicles and Personal Belongings:
    Baggage and personal belongings are left at the Hirer's risk at all times, and no responsibility can be accepted for loss of or damage to any vehicle or its contents.
  18. Wood burners:
    Ysgubor Mawr (the large barn) and the Old Farmhouse are fitted with woodburners. At no time must the woodburners be left lit and unattended with the door open. One basket of wood is provided at the start of the hire. Additional baskets of wood are available at a cost of £5.
  19. Cancellation:
    Any cancellation following payment of a deposit or balance is subject to a £20 administration fee. If cancellation occurs for any reason within 28 days of the start of the holiday, the hirer should advise us immediately by telephone or e-mail followed by a confirmatory letter. Upon receipt of such letter (but without any obligation) the owner will attempt to obtain a replacement letting, and if such a letting is obtained, will then refund to the hirer any monies paid less the administration fee. If the owners are unable to re-let, then they shall be entitled to retain all payments already made. In the event of balance of rental payments not being made by the due date and when the hirer makes no request for additional payment time by the due date, the holiday week will be re-advertised and no refund of the deposit will be given. We advise guests to arrange cancellation insurance with the insurer of their choice to cover such an eventuality.
    Special terms applying to cancellations due to COVID. Read more
  20. Complaints:
    Every effort has been made to ensure that you have an enjoyable holiday. If however, you have any cause for complaint please contact the property owner immediately so that it can be speedily resolved. They cannot subsequently consider any complaints or enter into any correspondence about them unless this procedure has been followed. If guests choose to terminate their holiday early for any reason, and the above procedure has not been followed, then the owners are entitled to retain the full rental payment already made.
  21. Data protection and Privacy:
    Information provided in relation to any booking will remain confidential and will not be disclosed to a third party or used for any purpose other than the administration of the booking.